What is Ladies OUT LOUD

Ladies OUT LOUD is a new non-profit dedicated to teaching young women public speaking through skill sets based in the arts. Ladies OUT LOUD is a NEW WAY to teach public speaking. We are taking it out of the classroom and teaching it in a fun, improv based open mic setting. Ladies OUT LOUD is a seven week program that focuses on getting on stage, knowing your “tells”, embracing failing on stage and having fun. For more information on how to join a program or to start a local chapter, contact info@ladiesoutloud.org.


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Strong Voices

Teaching young women to speak up for themselves now guarantees we have strong women/ leaders in the future.

Teaching Public Speaking

In an exciting "actually want to learn" it kind of way.....

What is Ladies OUT LOUD?

What people are saying

Teaching young women how to be better speakers not only leads to increased academic achievement, self esteem and confidence now but will help them speak up to achieve their goals throughout life. 

This program gives young ladies the opportunity to come out of their shell in a friendly and fun environment.  It truly boosts their confidence in a world that often makes women question their decisions.  Love it!

I hate public speaking, but I enjoyed this....and I didn't die.