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Who is eligible to participate?

Ladies OUT LOUD is open to high school aged girls.

How does the program work?

Students chose either Comedic Storytelling, Improv, Poetry, Acting or a Wildcard option and learn skill sets from that art form to become better speakers. Students perform each week for 6 weeks culminating with a graduation show.

What is expected from participants?

Students are expected to have fun and take risks in a safe, supportive environment focused on being silly, putting yourself out there and maybe even finding your hidden poet, comedian or spoken word artist!

What will I learn at Ladies OUT LOUD?

Participants will learn skill sets in their chosen art form and the Ladies OUT LOUD five pillars of public speaking.
-Getting on stage and knowing your tells
-Stage presence 
-Using their voice
-Audience connection
-Using your unique voice

How do I chose the track that's right for me?

Students are encouraged to chose a track that challenges them. If you are already comfortable on stage, try poetry or comedic storytelling. Does improv scare you? Stretch yourself!  If you're just starting out and the thought of getting on stage is too much try a monologue or other speech of your choice.